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WoolyLady's Newest Special Promotion

Random Acts of Six-Packs + A FREE Pattern = BIG SAVINGS

It's time for Spring Cleaning! During the year, we tuck away all sorts of great wool fabric (remaining from special dye orders, Limited Editions, special promotions, new dye recipe trials, etc). This wooly-wonderful yardage goes into our "Magic Closet." When this huge closet is full, we start making our famous Six-Pack bundles. We're making them now and they are AWESOME!

These Six-Packs are totally random color groupings. Each pack contains 6 pieces of hand dyed wool. Each piece is 6" x 16".

AND HERE'S THE BEST PART...WE'RE SELLING THEM FOR ONLY $36.95 EACH! That's a $13.00 savings on each Six-Pack (from our regular Six Pack prices of $49.95).

And as if this savings isn't great enough, we're throwing in a terrific FREE PATTERN for Tick-Tack-Dot Pillow.

Limit of 4 Six-Packs per customer, please. We'll do our very best to give each customer the widest variety of colors, with little or no duplication between the Six-Packs you'll receive.

To order, just fill your shopping cart below!

Special Extras...

Special Promotion Extras

To complete the pillow, you'll need two 16" x 16" squares of wool for the pillow front and back. You'll also need a 6" x 16" piece of wool for the side trim flanges (you can use any of the pieces from your Six-Pack for this). If you like the look of ours, we used Sand hand dyed wool for our front and back. You can order a half yard of Sand below, or go to our "Wool Fabric" page to choose your own colors.

We're offering a beautiful hand thread kit, too. It costs $12.50 and includes one skein of our very own WoolyLady Hand Painted Wool Crewel Thread and one skein of Weeks Dye Works Pearl Cotton.

How about adding an assortment pack of chenille needles for just $4.00? These are our favorite needles for working with these beautiful threads on wool. The sharp points and big eyes make it easy to work with heavier threads and to simply sew through the wool "like butta."

And marking on wool has never been easier than it is with Miracle Markers. Each pack contains three pieces of this truly miraculous product. It makes a clean and easy-to-see mark on your wool and then simply disappears with the tap of a steam iron. A pack costs $8.25.

Finally, we couldn't create without Sulky KK2000 Temporary Adhesive Spray. It works like a charm to hold wool applique design elements to the background while stitching. No fusing needed! It has no odor, very little overspray and works great! It costs $16.95 a can. Please note: We can only ship this product to the lower 48 United States since it is an aerosol product.


1. By ordering on-line (see below)

2. By calling the WoolyLady Studio at 715-477-0036 between 8 AM and 4 PM Central Time Monday through Friday. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Super Sale Six-Pack (maximum 4 per customer) $36.95
Sand Hand-Dyed Wool Pillow Front and Back Fabric $49.95
Hand Thread Kit $12.50
Miracle Markers by Miracle Chalk $8.25
Chenille Needle Assortment Pack $4.00
Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive $16.95
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