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WoolyLady's Newest Special Promotion

It's Our Best Sale of the Year!

We've got the (almost) spring cleaning bug here at WoolyLady.

You know what that means...all of the great hand dyed wool fabric that we've tucked away throughout the year (remaining from special dye orders, Limited Editions, special promotions, new dye recipe trials, etc.) is threatening to overflow the shelving in what we call our "Magic Closet." This closet has a little bit of everything in's amazing!

So we've started making Six-Packs in totally random color groupings from all the hand dyed wool. 

AND HERE'S THE BEST PART...WE'RE SELLING THEM FOR ONLY $36.95 EACH! That's a $13 savings on each Six-Pack (from our regular Six-Pack prices of $49.95.)

And as if this great savings on wonderful wool isn't enough, we're throwing in a terrific Dahlia Candle Mat pattern FREE!

Just scroll to the bottom of this page to order, or read on for more information.

Here's more information about this offer...

Each Six-Pack contains 6 pieces of hand dyed wool.

Each piece within the Six-Pack measures 6" x 16". 

They are tied with a custom WoolyLady ribbon and make great gifts (if you can stand to part with them).

Limit 4 Six-Packs per customer, please.


1. By ordering on-line (see below)

2. By calling the WoolyLady Studio at 715-477-0036 between 8 AM and 4 PM Central Time Monday through Friday. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Magic Closet Six-Pack(s) with Free Dahlia Candle Mat Pattern (Limit 4 per customer please) $36.95
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