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 Welcome To Our Mat of the Month (MOM) Info Page
It's 12 Pleasant Feelings!

 12 Pleasant Feelings MOM
Our Mat of the Month Program for 2021 is 12 lush, 13" mats, themed especially for the month!

Welcome to our new-for-2021 Mat of the Month Program

February 17, 2021. We've filled all available slots for this program! If you didn't get a place, don't give up hope. We will bring this very popular series back.

12 Pleasant Feelings MOM

12 Pleasant Feelings Mat-of-the-Month (MOM)
began in January 2021. These fun, decorative table mats will add a special seasonal flair to your home each month!

With this new program, we are introducing an optional Pearl Cotton Size 12 Hand Thread Kit from Valdani. All Valdani threads are hand-dyed, colorfast – and we’ve chosen a beautiful variety of solid and variegated threads for our table mats. This program features a total of 64 different thread colors throughout the entire year, with repeats of the same color when necessary.

Program Details

  • Twelve total table mats, one per month, each one finishes at 13” x 13.”
  • Monthly Kits include all wools to complete the entire project: Hand-dyed WoolyLady wools for the Appliqué, Background, Border, Backing, Full-Color Patterns, and all Button or Brad embellishments.
  • Participants in the 12 Pleasant Feelings Mat-of-the-Month (MOM) program for 2021 will receive the True Black Background for their project each month, for FREE.
  • Each month features a special decorative stitch in the center of each Tablemat. Special directions, photos and tutorials will be provided to guide stitchers with these fun new stitches.
  • We will auto-ship your Kit at the same time each month, the third Monday of the month, beginning January 18, 2021. The price per month is $41.75 for the complete wool Kits, for all twelve months during 2021.
  • SKIP IT BONUS: Participants are allowed to “skip” one month during the program and must notify WoolyLady before the 1st day of the month you would like to skip.

The monthly kits do not include threads, but we do offer optional Hand Thread Kits for each month. WoolyLady proudly designed with Valdani Pearl Cotton Size 12, 100% colorfast threads for this program. When a thread is used in more than one month, you will not be purchasing duplicates, and we’ve normalized the price to be the same every month at $29.50 per month. You will receive a total of 64 different colors throughout the program. When you sign-up for the Valdani Hand Thread Kits, you are signing up for all twelve months and none of these kits may be skipped. Even if you choose to “skip” one month of the Tablemats, threads released for that particular month cannot be skipped as they may be needed for a later month’s project.

If you'd like to sign up or receive more information, please give us a call or email our Sales Department.

Here are the titles for each mat in our 12-month program

Month #1 – Snow Days
Month #2 – Candy Messages
Month #3 – Happy Easter
Month #4 – Ladybird Picnic
Month #5 – Baskets ‘n’ Berries
Month #6 – Cones ‘n’ Sandals
Month #7 – Uncle Sam Wants You!
Month #8 – Summer Daze
Month #9 – Whose Autumn Joys
Month #10 – Tricksy Treats
Month #11 – Giving Thanks
Month # 12 – Holiday Sweets