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Mystery Pinwheel Challenge and Contest 


Monochrome image of Mystery Pinwheel Project

Colorful Pinwheel Glory!

Our special contest KIT contains,
and a monochrome pattern.
YOU make it your own!

Deadline for entry July 31
Submission deadline August 28
Judging for top 3 projects begins August 29

 WoolyLady's Mystery Pinwheel Challenge Image
WoolyLady's Mystery Pinwheel Prize Image

Grand Prize:
$100 WoolyLady Shopping Spree with free shipping!

Runner Up: September’s “Shades of Inspiration” bundle with free shipping!

3rd Place: Any pattern of your choice, includes our regular catalog or any Limited Edition patterns -- not regularly available for individual purchase! BOM not included.

Mystery Pinwheel Contest Rules:
A) Choose one of the 4 Color Palette options available to work with.
B) A WoolyLady representative will assemble the wool colors and put together your “Mystery Wool Pack.”
C) All participants must use at least one of the 16” x 16” pieces of wool in their completed project.*
D) The (5) pieces of wools 6” x 16” in the Mystery Kit Wool Pack MUST be used to complete the five main design
elements of the Paisley Pinwheel.**

* This piece is NOT required to be the background piece, but may be used as such. This particular wool may be used
in whatever fashion desired in your project!
** You may add more “design elements” to the basic Paisley Pinwheel design and other WoolyLady wools.

Here's what you get with our Mystery Pinwheel Kit!
2 pieces of hand-dyed wool 16" x 16"
5 pieces of wool 6” x 16” for design elements
An exclusive "color stripped" pattern for our Mystery Pinwheel project
Auto-entry into our contest for bragging rights and great prizes

Order your Mystery Pinwheel below and automatically enter our challenge.

Select your color palette from one of the four "elemental" groups below:

Mystery Pinwheel Kit with Free Pattern - Fire Palette
Mystery Pinwheel Kit with Free Pattern - Earth Palette
Mystery Pinwheel Kit with Free Pattern - Air Palette
Mystery Pinwheel Kit with Free Pattern - Water Palette



  • Participants may use any other additional WoolyLady wools in their completed project -- for the background, backing or any other extra design elements they may choose to add to the Paisley Pinwheel design. 
  • This is an exclusive WoolyLady Mystery project, and ONLY WoolyLady wools may be used in this particular Mystery Challenge.
  • Participation in the Mystery Pinwheel Contest is only available on our Facebook Group Imagine, Create and Share with WoolyLady.
  • Entries will be judged on three criteria: Creativity, Color Use and Style, which includes elements such as embellishing. embroidery and layout. 
  • This project can be made into a table mat, a  pillow, a wall hanging, any type of project you’d like!

Imagine, Create and Share with WoolyLady! To participate in this contest, you must be a member of our collaborative Facebook Group.

If you are not already a member of our Imagine, Create and Share Facebook Group, purchasing this kit earns you "head of the line" access to our group. Once your purchase is completed, visit our Group Page and request a membership. We also strongly encourage you to participate and share within our group during this challenge opportunity.

Participants are encouraged to post their progress, questions, color choices etc., on the Imagine, Create and Share Facebook Group all during the Mystery Pinwheel Challenge and Contest.


The earlier your enrollment, the more time to be creative, and stitch and embellish your project! Our judging criteria depends on an equal portion of Style, so the fit and finish could really help you get ahead.

The deadline for participants’ completed projects is Friday August 28th, 2020 8:00 pm, MDT. “Finished Projects” are defined as the project in a “ready to use” or “ready to display” final form. For your privacy, we will accept submissions via email, but we strongly encourage sharing them at our Facebook Group.


A) All entries will be anonymized before viewed by our voting staff.
B) WoolyLady staff will vote, and the Top 3 projects will be posted on our “Imagine, Create and Share with WoolyLady” Facebook Group on Monday August 31st.
C) All members of the Facebook Group will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite!
D) Voting closes at 11:59 pm MDT, Saturday September 5th.
E) Any ties will be settled by WoolyLady Staff.
F) Depending on availability, we may limit the number of participants.

The winners will be announced on our Imagine, Create and Share Facebook Group on Tuesday, September 8th (the day after Labor Day!)