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WoolyLady's Newest Special Promotion

Don’t You Deserve it All?

Lights, darks and everything in between......wouldn't you love to have a piece of every color of hand dyed wool in the new WoolyLady line? 

Think about adding all 64 colors of WoolyLady hand dyed wool to your stash (including the newest 16 colors we added at the first of the year). Makes you happy just thinking about it, doesn't it?

We've put together 5" squares of each and every color in our line, divided them into two collections and boxed them up in pretty gift boxes (as if you could stand to give these away).

The collections are divided into lights and darks. So, each collection will contain greens for example. The lighter greens will be in the light collection and the darker greens in the dark collection. By doing it this way, each collection includes the entire color wheel for you.

Each collection contains 32 five inch squares which total more than 1/2 yard of hand dyed wool (9/16ths to be exact) and sells for $59.95 plus shipping. Order both collections for for $119.90 plus shipping.

This is an amazing opportunity to build your stash and extend your color palette. We haven't offered this sort of full line stash building collection in over 2 years!

These gift boxes of color will inspire you to create beautiful projects. That's the beauty of color, every time you look at these squares in your stash, you will find combinations you hadn't seen before.

Just scroll to the bottom of this page to order, or read on to find out about the wonderful hand thread kits we have available to go with this project.


1. By ordering on-line (see below)

2. By calling the WoolyLady Studio at 715-477-0036 between 8 AM and 4 PM Central Time Monday through Friday. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Lights Collection $59.95
Darks Collection $59.95
One of Each - Lights and Darks $119.90
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