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About Us

Laura Pedge

WoolyLady's fabulous spokesheep Magdalena and WoolyLady's awesome owner Laura!

Welcome to WoolyLady Dye & Design Studio in beautiful Grand Junction, Colorado. 

WoolyLady is a family company built on the fibrous bedrock of the amazing, incredible, versatile and timeless commodity we know as WOOL. We strive to let the pearly-clean, bright light shine through in every product we sell, whether it's a kit, wool bundle or individual piece of wool.

Our owner and director, Laura Pedge, has been in the WoolyLady World since 2011, during her tenure as a teacher and sales expert at a local quilt shop. Her expertise, passion and understanding made it easy for the shop to bring wool into its repertoire. As a longtime pattern designer and lifelong stitcher, Laura has worked with a handful of wools before finally figuring out the perfect concoction should ALWAYS start with WoolyLady! She's the ideal curator of the true hue, and has an extensve pattern, project and photo library that absolutely ensures our colors stay true year after year. As WoolyLady's Secondary Dye Master she has acquired the level of Tradesman Dye Master, having passed her 100th hour in Working Apprentice.

Laura brings a new level of technique and design to WoolyLady with more than 160 patterns under her belt, with an overall preponderance of wool appliqué. And as an experienced teacher and sales specialist, Laura can make any project seem approachable. We try to bring a little of that flavor into all of our new patterns, where you should always expect to learn just a little extra every time!

Due to the pandemic, WoolyLady chose to proactively suspend its in-person boutique, sales floor and studio. After some retooling, we were able to keep all our employees, add a delivery/fulfillment expert, and add a packaging employee in our shipping department. Thank you to all our customers and friends who have sent positive thoughts and "well wishes" during this time. We have been blessed with such a positive and loving Community. <3

WoolyLady now exists in two locations: WoolyLady HQ (Ops) has taken the space of our Boutique in the heart of downtown Grand Junction, and the WoolyLady Dye Lab and Design Studio are located on the sprawling Ever Summer Ranch in Appleton, Colorado.