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About Us

Woolylady is a creative business partnership between Gail Gilson Pierce and Lisa Wood. It is also a labor of love. While we didn't start the company, we have certainly made it our own with unique, fresh color and design.

Our vision started simply enough. We wanted to produce incredibly beautiful hand dyed wool in saturated, painterly colors and we wanted to create lovely designs using this wool... designs that would excite and inspire.

We live and work in the north woods of Wisconsin. The Woolylady studio is housed in a little Victorian cottage with high ceilings and lots of windows. We love coming to work each morning! We work hard, laugh lots, learn new things everyday and have the most incredible, loyal customers we can imagine. It is our greatest joy to hear how our Woolylady products have brightened someone's day, brought mothers and daughters together or given someone something to look forward to.

Our backgrounds are varied and a little surprising given what we now do for a living. Gail is a biologist and educator by training, Lisa an attorney and quilt shop owner. We've both been artists in some way, shape or form all of our lives. Everything we've ever done and every job we've ever held have somehow combined to create this successful partnership. We each truly believe that our current Woolylady jobs are the best jobs we've ever had!

The Woolylady studio is a full production dye and design studio and is not open to the public. Our products are available throughout the world at quilt shops and on our website. We would love to hear from you so feel free to contact us by phone or email and make sure you sign up for our e-newsletter so we can stay in touch!

Wool is Good!

Gail & Lisa