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Let's go somewhere over the rainbow!

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

 Are you ready to go Somewhere Over The Rainbow with WoolyLady? We've created two amazing color collections of hand dyed wool, with pieces cut in sizes not ordinarily available. These collections are beautiful! 

Each collection in Somewhere Over The Rainbow includes 25 squares of wool and each square measures 8" x 8". One collection features 25 different Reds, Oranges and Yellows. The second collection explores 25 of our Blues, Greens and Purples. There are no duplicates. This is truly a run around the rainbow!

Purchase either collection alone for $128 or save and purchase both for $245. Just think......50 different, beautiful, inspiring colors. You will never regret having this variety in your wool a stash! 

Don't wait...this is a limited time offer.

(You may also call in or email your order.)

Red, Orange, Yellow Collection
Green, Blue, Purple Collection
Both Collections