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Summer Banner Wool Kit now on sale


It hangs beautifully in just about any setting, Summer Banner is full of seasonal fun. The fourth in our Seasons Change Hanging Banner Series, Summer is definitely one to drink in with your eyes. It's a complete scene from sky to green, with bright coneflowers in between, including full Border and Backing. And it's just as fancy as you please, you can order the Wool Kit, the cute Summer Banner Buttons, Summer Banner Hand Thread Kit -- or all three for even more savings!

Summer Banner finishes to a generous 6" x 16", and at $65.95 it's priced nicely for its size and complexity.

Summer Banner Wool Kit now on sale

Summer Banner Hand Thread Kit offers a veritable cascade of Pearl Cottons to help you hand-craft your Summer Banner with confidence, and festooned with shimmering stitches. This 14-piece Deluxe thread kit is $54.95. For the ultimate in finishing and effects, add our custom beachy Button Set, complete with two ice creams, a pair of sandals and a super-cute sun. This hand-made 5-piece set of hand-painted clay buttons is $9.95.

If you're in the mood for a COMPLETE complete experience, we've combined all three for even more savings. Order Summer Banner Wool Kit, Summer Banner Hand Thread Kit and Summer Banner Buttons for an additional 25% OFF. With your savings, it's no longer $130.85, but $98.14!


 Summer Banner Wool Kit now on sale
Summer Banner Wool Kit now on sale


Summer Banner Shop Shopping Details

Summer Banner
Finished Size 6” x 16”

Summer Banner Wool Kit now on sale $65.95 and includes:
Background, Top: Robin’s Egg – 6” x 7”
Background, Middle: Sand – 6” x 10”
Background, Bottom: Grasshopper – 6” x 5”
Summer Letters/Hanger: Amethyst – 6” x 12”
Umbrella: Ultra White – 3” x 4”
Umbrella: Petal Pink – 3” x 4”
Cone Flower Petals: Shocking Pink – 6” x 6”
Cone Flower Centers: Paprika – 2” x 4”
Border: Mediterranean – 6” x 12”
Backing: Mediterranean – 6” x 12”

Summer Banner Hand Thread Kit, $54.95
14-piece Deluxe Pearl Cotton Hand Threads chosen specifically for Summer Banner and used in our Sample!
Weeks Dye Works Pearl Cotton Size 12, 1 spool
#2336 Ultraviolet
#1091 Whitewash
Painter’s Collection Pearl Cotton Size 12, 1 spool
Weeks Dye Works Pearl Cotton Size 8, 1 skein
#2136 Caribbean (2 skeins)
#1151 Pebble
#2205 Grasshopper
#2201 Moss
#2217 Lemon Chiffon
#2271 Peony
#1329 Blackberry
Weeks Dye Works Pearl Cotton Size 5, 1 skein
#2336 Ultraviolet
#1326 Rust

Summer Banner Button Embellishment Pack, $9.95
5 deluxe hand-made, hand-painted clay buttons from Just Another Button Company
(2) Ice Cream Cones
(2) Teal Flip Flops
(1) Sun

Summer Banner COMBO on all three items:
Wool Kit
+ Hand Thread Kit
+ Button Pack
Regular Price = $130.85
EXTRA 25% off = $98.14

The four banners in this series all feature different decorative stitches and pieced backgrounds. All seasons have different stitches and backgrounds. Lots of room to use your imagination to create decorative stitches that reflect the season.



Summer Banner Wool Kit and included pattern
Summer Banner Hand Thread Kit 
Summer Banner Button Embellishment Pack 
Summer Banner 3-Way COMBO