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Welcome to Our Pop-Up Shop!


Our True Black wool is advanced

Snap up a deal on True Black

Today in our Pop-Up Shop we're featuring our newest addition, a fabulous upgraded version of our rich, deep black wool. This 100% True Black Broadcloth is denser, with an upgraded weave, ideal for wool appliqué and Rug Hooking.

If you want the very best and blackest, choose our True Black wool.

Our Two-Way Bundle is new

Some wooly yin and yang

A blended bundle is here too, if you'd like a little Pearl with your Night. Our Two-Way Half Yard bundles feature a Quarter Yard of Pearl White and a Quarter Yard of our new True Black. We've got it on sale at 22 percent off, just below.

Black, White and Two-Way
Two new colors, done three ways at 20% off plus!

Check out Cute Coasters

Special extras for Heart-Shaped Box

We know how much you love our Heart-Shaped Box design and wool bundle, but we've got to make room for new items every week here in our Pop-Up Shop. We're still featuring our Shades bundle, and we're even offering a neat deal on our Cute Coasters Mini Pattern. When you order a Heart-Shaped Box bundle, you get $3 off Cute Coasters' regular price of $4.95. Have a look at this and more at our Shades of Inspiration page.

Our Pearl White Wool is new

Amazing deal on our new Pearl White

If you're looking for an everyday white wool with a great grain and luxurious, thicker feel, we have a cost-saving alternative! We spent some time researching a slightly heavier, very white, yet more affordable white wool option, and we're proud to introduce our Pearl White.

Our Pearl White Wool is new

Technique can change the tone

Our Ultra White and Pearl White wools can be greatly impacted by the application, style, shine, quality and thickness of your thread -- but no more greatly than by the color choice. You can brighten, or "matte down" your whites to get exactly what you want, every time.

Our Pearl White Wool is new

A nice white, a nice price

If you want bright white (lower right circle), or even a more vanilla white (upper right circle), our Pearl White is a new, versatile choice for you. We are offering this bold new option in Quarter Yard pieces during this introductory phase, as quantity is limited by high demand. During this special Pop-Up promotion, our 1/4 Yards of Pearl White are $14.49 each. We'll be adding Pearl White to our regular catalog next week!

If you'd like to order our Ultra White wool, please click HERE to find it in the size of your choice. Please browse our Shades Program Page to learn more about this monthly treat, or to order a Heart-Shaped Box bundle with a free included pattern.

Trillium Pillow is on sale

A deal on a lovely pillow

Finally, we've got a Pop-Up Shop exclusive on one of our most-searched pillow projects. We've limited this offering by time and a coupon code to ensure there's enough stock available for our faithful Pop-Up Shop patrons. Put your Trillium Throw Pillow into your cart and apply the code 20TRILLIUM to get 20 percent off this kit. With a regular price of $95.95, our Trillium Throw Pillow is now just $76.76.

Thanks for shopping with us!


Pop-Up Shop Details

True Black Quarter Yard Bundle: $23.95

Two-Way Half Yard Bundle -- Quarter of Pearl White and True Black each: $37.95

Pearl White Quarter Yard Bundle: $14.49



True Black Quarter Yard Bundle
Two-Way Half Yard Bundle -- Quarter of Pearl White and True Black each
Pearl White Introductory Quarter Yard