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Welcome to Our Pop-Up Shop!


A fun three-way adventure at our Pop-Up Shop

There's something here for everyone

We've heard you loud and clear, and you know what you want. We proudly present, in no particular order, three lovely WoolyLady originals. Our Cute Carryall has been a runaway success, Ladybird Picnic was available too briefly, and our male and female cardinals needed to be matched up once and for all.

As always, please feel free to contact us if you'd like to special order any of these items, accessories and/or extra wools. Some items, for example Cute Carryall Hand Thread Kits, are in short supply but can be custom ordered.

Cute Carryall Combo is new

Our Cute Carryall is new
Our Cute Carryall Kit is new!

Pack Cute Carryall with a lot or a little

We've designed the cutest little utility pouch in a size that's just right, perfect for your most needful keepables. It's even great in a pinch as a clean and packable camera bag, our Cute Carryall does indeed carry it all. Our Cute Carryall design finishes at a generous 11" x 7". To get the finish you crave, we're offering Cute Carryall with its special Embellishment Pack as a combo for $39.95.

A pair of cardinals is on sale

A pair of cardinals, it's our Parakeet Combo

With a twist! We're offering a double kit, featuring Red Cardinal and Mrs Cardinal that ALSO includes a deluxe custom 9-piece Hand Thread Kit that will unify these two designs. Each Kit comes with a Red Cardinal and Mrs Cardinal deluxe pattern, which can make two independent pillows, wall hangings or framed art to name a few -- or you can make one wide-format luxury design featuring the two birds facing one another! (Or maybe back-to-back, "I Love Lucy"-style?) Our special Cardinal Parakeet Combo is $149.95.

This deluxe Combo brings you everything but the Backing and the Flanges, because you might be making a one-piece design. If you are interested in more Opal Sky Backing and/or Mediterranean for the Flange, please have a look at our Limited Edition Page.

Ladybird Picnic is back by demand

Ladybirds and tulips galore

With Ladybird Picnic you get four colorful tulips and four lovely ladybugs, all around a sweet, lustrous vine. This special upsized Kit gives you everything you need to create an amazing, colorful and delightful scalloped table mat or wall hanging. Ladybird Picnic Upsized Kit is $74.95.

These wonderful specials will only be around for a week. Enjoy!


Pop-Up Shop Details

Cute Carryall Wool Kit PLUS Embellishment Pack (includes deluxe FREE pattern): $39.95
Cute Carryall Wool Kit
Bag Background: Beet Juice – 12” x 16”
Flower: Peachy Peony – 7” x 7”
Leaves: Grasshopper – 6” x 9”
Flower Center: Marigold – 3” x 3”

Cute Carryall Embellishment Pack
14” color-coordinated zipper
Bee Button
Sheep Zipper Pull
2” Fuchsia Coconut Button

Cardinal Parakeet Combo AND Deluxe Thread Kit Combo, with two free patterns: $149.95
A Pair Of Cardinals Combo Pack includes a double-sized Wool Kit, Free Bonus Wool for faces and beaks, and a full Hand Thread Kit. It does not include Pillow Flange and Backing. We have specced Mediterranean for the Flange, and more Opal Sky for the Backing. Both of these add-ons are available at our Limited Edition Page.

Wool Kit Contents:
Background: Opal Sky – 16 ½” x 33"
Flowers: Carnation – 6” x 16”
Flowers: Ultra White  6” x 16”
Leaves & Stems: Cloverleaf – 12” x 16”
Foundations: Shadowy Snow – 17” x 26”
Cardinal: Christmas Red – 6” x 16”
Mrs Cardinal: Honey – 6” x 8”
Cardinals & Flowers: Sparkling Sangria – 6" x 16"

Free Bonus Wool pieces:
Beak: Jack-o-Lantern – 2” x 4”
Cardinal Face: True Black – 2” x 4”

Hand Thread Kit includes:
Includes 7 balls Valdani and 2 skeins of Weeks thread as follows:
Valdani Pearl Cotton Size 12, 1 ball each
#3 White
#46 Rich Pink
#o117 Dove Tail Grey
#o560 Morning Grass
#8123 Brown Black Dark
#p6 Rusted Orange
#o571 Tea Honey
Weeks Dye Works Pearl Cotton Size 8, 1 skein each
#1334 Merlot
#2269 Liberty

Please note: Pillow Flange and Backing not included

Upsized Ladybird Picnic Wool kit, plus free pattern: $74.95
Wool Kit Contents:
Background: True Black – 13" x 13"
Tulips: Pale Yellow – 4" x 5"
Tulips: Mango & Melon – 4" x 5"
Tulips: Petal Pink – 4" x 5"
Tulips: Lilac Bush – 4" x 5"
Leaves: Avocado – 5" x 8"
Lady Beetle Bodies: Charcoal – 6" x 6"
Lady Beetle Wings: Christmas Red – 6" x 6"
Lady Beetle Spots: True Black – 3" x 4"
Border & Backing: Avocado – 16" x 32"



Cute Carryall Wool Kit PLUS Embellishment Pack (includes deluxe FREE pattern)
Cardinal Parakeet Combo AND Deluxe Thread Kit Combo, with two free patterns
Upsized Ladybird Picnic Wool kit, plus free pattern