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Hallowed Shades Wool Bundle

Fascinating hues for Halloween

We've got a wool bundle that's just right for the Fall season. In fact, four colors are custom-made, just for 2020. Our Hallowed Shades Bundle is SIX 6" x 16" pieces of hand-dyed wool, in two classic standard colors and FOUR custom spooky colors.

Hallowed Shades Wool Bundle

Wonderful colors with complex, interesting mottling

Your pre-Holiday wool needs can include a wide range of colors, so we thought we'd create a few that work both with Halloween and with the Holidays! The visual interest and differentiation within the mottling pattern and hue variations are what make this bundle shine. With Hallowed Shades you'll get a lot of opportunity to create beautiful fog, leaves, sunsets, ghosts, floral elements, fire, smoke and so much more. 

Hallowed Shades Wool Bundle

Two standard favorites bless this new bundle!

To keep this bundle from being too far out, we've included two of our most popular standard hues, Amethyst and Mottled Black, and knocked $5 off the price. They were chosen not just for their richness, but for the incredible level of detail within the mottling! The four other custom colors are Plasma Peach, Van Helsing, Ecto-Grey and Ghost Purple. Plasma Peach is the lightest, sweetest pink-sand color you can imagine -- photography doesn't do it justice! Van Helsing is like a rich, red, bright and dark fog in darkness. Spoooky! Ecto-Grey is the sort of hue you'd expect to see on a passing specter, or in the mists on a far-off hill. Ghost Purple is a very sweet and fluffy lavender, until you look deeply into the complex mottling: there's eerie blue-purple in there! We love these colors so much, and hope you're delighted as well.

If you're in the mood for something sweet and just a little spooky, have a look below.

Tricksy Treats is new!

Lovely, curvy, spooky and sweet

WoolyLady's Tricksy Treats Table Mat Kit is here to make your October so much tastier! Feisty jack-o-lanterns and spooky ghosts dance with candy corn and wonderful caramel-dipped apples, all on a lovely scalloped table mat that generously features our very popular Lilac Bush hand-dyed wool. TEN beautiful hand-dyed wools make this kit an absolute party in a box.

Pair it with our custom hand thread kit for a nicely-finished 13" round project that won't break your treat budget. 

Montage of Tricksy Treats

Tricksy Treats has so much to offer

We've included a lot of extras in our Tricksy Treats Table Mat Kit. You get our exclusive, deluxe pattern with reversed pieces, a complete layout guide and full-color photos, plus half of your background wool FREE. That's 12 total wools, making for a wonderful keepsake you'll set out around Halloween for years to come. If you love some great hand threads, we've got a decidedly un-scary price on NINE luxury threads from Weeks Dye Works. You get all the fit and finish you crave, for just $26.95. These threads are now in Back-Order Status. We expect our regular shipment to arrive by 10/26.



Hallowed Shades Special Wool Bundle $5 OFF!: $49.95
6-piece bundle, 6” x 16” each of the following:
Mottled Black
Plasma Peach
Van Helsing
Ghost Purple

Tricksy Treats Table Mat Kit With Included Pattern: $59.95
Border & Backing: Lilac Bush (2) pieces 16” x 16”
Background: True Black 13” x 13”
Pumpkin: Paprika 3” x 7”
Pumpkin under piece: Pale Yellow 5” x 3”
Witch Hat: Lilac Bush 5” x 5”
Hat Band: Amethyst 2” x 2”
Buckle: Dijon 2” x 2”
Ghosts: White 7” x 4”
Apple: Spring Green 3” x 6”
Caramel: Bruschetta 3” x 4”
Stick: Honey 1” x 3”
Candy Corn-Top: White 2” x 3”
Candy Corn-Middle: Jack o’ Lantern 3” x 4”
Candy Corn-Bottom: Marigold 3” x 4”

Tricksy Treats Hand Thread Kit: $26.95 - Back-Ordered
Featuring affordable, lovely Weeks Dye Works
#2228 – Pumpkin
#1225 – Tiger’s Eye
#2171 – Emerald
#2336 – Ultraviolet
#2223 – Saffron
#1110 – Parchment
#3900 – Kohl
#1091 – Whitewash
#1154 – Graphite

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Hallowed Shades Custom Wool Bundle
Tricksy Treats Table Mat Kit With Included Pattern
Tricksy Treats Hand Thread Kit - Back-Ordered