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WoolyLady’s Newest Limited Edition

Specially-featured hand-dyed wools PLUS a Deluxe Free Pattern


Mrs Cardinal is our Latest Limited Edition

Say Hello to Mrs Cardinal

Like a golden-brown echo in the Springtime mists, she flits into view while a courtier forages for any and all attention.

Join the party as we welcome our new Mrs Cardinal to our Limited Edition Collection. Mrs Cardinal is a celebration of the female version of the classic American songbird in hand-dyed wool, with a modern, distinctive stained-glass look. Mrs Cardinal perches on a branch surrounded by green leaves, and limbs topped with pink and white blossoms. She's new, and she's lovely.

Mrs Cardinal is our Latest Limited Edition

Mrs Cardinal will complete your wall

Mrs Cardinal brings our very special ensemble full circle, making a composition of two facing birds, each in his or her color variation.

The two cardinal projects can make two individual pillows, wall hangings, table mats and more -- and their unique design has been created with a wide-format setup in mind as well. With one large piece of wool for a background, Red Cardinal and Mrs Cardinal can be together in a lovely way.

But if you do make her into a pillow, you'll need a flange, and you'll need some more Opal Sky for the Pillow Backing. We've organized all these options in one place, have a look at the bottom of the page to pick up these two must-have upgrades. Our Mediterranean flange is $8, and the add-on Backing is $19.20

Mrs Cardinal is our Latest Limited Edition

An incredible Thread Experience with Mrs Cardinal HTK

To complete our new pillow with style and elegance, we've got a great Thread Kit! Mrs Cardinal Hand Thread Kit features 8 deluxe threads, to give you the excellent finish you crave, for a beautiful luxury pillow that you'll keep around your home for years to come.

If you bought the thread kit for Red Cardinal, we have a money-saving Booster Pack you'll really enjoy.

Mrs Cardinal has a Thread Booster Pack

Mrs Cardinal Thread Booster Pack

One of the most notable parts about using deluxe Valdani threads is that during a project that uses common thread colors, you'll usually have plenty to spare. If you ordered our Red Cardinal Hand Thread Kit for our last Limited Edition and you've got plenty of Valdani left over, we offer the Mrs Cardinal Thread Booster Pack for only $8.95. As this is a very new item, please contact our studio to order this Booster Pack.

Mrs Cardinal is our Latest Limited Edition

A pretty blue box of joy, it's our Limited Edition

Mrs Cardinal comes to you as a bundle of hand-picked, hand-dyed wools, PLUS a deluxe pattern included at no charge. This design completes the overall wide-format Stained-Glass Cardinals project.

Limited Edition Details

Limited Editions are collections of hand-dyed wool in special colors dyed specifically to coordinate with a fresh, new pattern only available with the purchase of the collection. These collections always total a half yard of hand-dyed wool and they sell for $54.95 plus shipping. Limited Editions are offered six times a year. There are only a certain number of these collections created for each offering. Many customers have requested that they be placed on an Auto-Ship Program for our Limited Editions. This guarantees they will receive a collection and new pattern every 2 months - and receive a price discount, making the collection $49.95 plus shipping. We dye enough wool for everyone on our Auto-Ship Program plus a little more. When the collections are gone, they're gone and we're on to the next design. If you are interested in joining the Auto-Ship Program (and saving money on each Limited Edition), please call us at the studio at 970-275-7800.

Mrs Cardinal's Contents

Our $54.95 Kit price includes:

Background                Opal Sky                                                   16 ½” x 16 ½”

For the Appliqué         Pink Flower Petals – Carnation                6” x 8”
                                   White Flower Petals – Ultra White            6” x 8”
                                   Leaves & Stems – Cloverleaf                   6” x 16”
                                   Grey Foundations – Shadowy Snow        13” x 17”
                                   Cardinal – Christmas Red                        6” x 8”
                                   Cardinal – Honey                                      6” x 8”

Bonus pieces included Free with kit:
Flower Centers – Sparkling Sangria    2” x 2”
Beak – Jack-o-Lantern                        2” x 2”
Cardinal Face – True Black                 2” x 2”

Optional Items:

Complete Hand Thread Kit for Mrs Cardinal

Includes 7 balls Valdani and 1 skein Weeks as follows
Valdani Pearl Cotton Size 12, 1 ball each
#3 White
#46 Rich Pink
#o117 Dove Tail Grey
#o560 Morning Grass
#8123 Brown Black Dark
#p6 Rusted Orange
#o571 Tea Honey
Weeks Dye Works Pearl Cotton Size 8, 1 skein
#1334 Merlot

Flange                             Mediterranean            6” x 16½”            $8.00

Pillow Backing                Opal Sky                    16½” x 16½”       $19.20


WoolyLady offers all the extras you'll need to complete your project. We've got great Chenille Needles, and Miracle Markers work beautifully for temporarily marking placement of objects on your wool background. We use them on a lot of projects. A package of three markers sells for $8.25.

If you're a stitcher who uses adhesives for your projects, we recommend Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive. We lightly spray the back of our design elements before placing them on the background for stitching. There's no smell, stickiness or messy makes our work easy peasy! It costs $19.99. (Please note, we are unable to ship Sulky KK 2000 outside of the continental US.)

Pillow Form

We have been building our Pillow Form inventory for some time now. Please click HERE to view the 16" Soft Touch form for this project.


1. Place your order here (see below)

2. Call the WoolyLady Studio at 970-275-7800 between 9 AM and 5 PM Mountain Time Monday through Friday. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Limited Edition Mrs Cardinal Collection and Free Pattern
Limited Edition Mrs Cardinal 8-piece Hand Thread Kit
Limited Edition Opal Sky Pillow Backing 16½” x 16½”
Limited Edition Pillow Flange (Mediterranean)
Chenille Needle Assortment Pack
Miracle Markers
Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive - Only available to lower 48 US addresses


If you’d like to be on our AUTOSHIP program to automatically receive our newest Limited Edition collection and FREE PATTERN six times per year (at a reduced price), call the WoolyLady Studio at 970-275-7800 and we’ll get you started!