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WoolyLady’s Newest Limited Edition

A Beautiful Collection of Hand Dyed Wool and a Free Pattern

for Good Luck Table Mat

Limited Editions are collections of hand dyed wool in special colors dyed specifically to coordinate with a fresh, new pattern only available with the purchase of the collection. These collections always total a half yard of hand dyed wool and they sell for $54.95 plus shipping. Limited Editions are offered 6 times a year. There are only a certain number of these collections created for each offering. Many customers have requested that they be placed on an Auto-Ship Program for our Limited Editions. This guarantees they will receive a collection and new pattern every 2 months - and receive a price discount, making the collection $49.95 plus shipping. We dye enough wool for everyone on our Auto-Ship Program plus a little more. When the collections are gone, they're gone and we're on to the next design. If you are interested in joining the Auto-Ship Program (and saving money on each Limited Edition), please call us at the studio at 715-477-0036.

Limited Edition

Our newest Limited Edition wishes you Good Luck!

Our latest Limited Edition of hand dyed wool, which comes with the free pattern for Good Luck Table Mat, includes Teal, Spring Green, Flame, Solid Black, Turquoise, Old Gold and Bruschetta Brown. Bright and beautiful! We're giving you the Solid Black used for ladybug details as a free bonus when you purchase the Limited Edition bundle. The table mat measures approximately 16" in diameter when complete.

The design features symbols of good luck, prosperity, longevity, faith, hope, love and more in a kaleidoscope of beauty and well wishes.

This Limited Edition of hand dyed wool is $54.95 and comes with the FREE PATTERN for this project. Purchasing the Limited Edition of hand dyed wool is the only way to receive this wonderful pattern. The pattern is not sold separately.

The Limited Edition bundle contains enough hand dyed wool to make the project top (or front). You will need a backing to complete the project. See the "Extras" section for more information

As with all our Limited Editions, this collection of hand dyed wools totals a half yard. The cost is $54.95 plus shipping (or $49.95 for Autoship Program Participants).


Special Extras

WoolyLady offers all the extas you'll need to complete your project.

We offer a thread kit which includes the hand dyed wool thread (2 spools) for the applique; and the hand dyed pearl cotton #5 weight (5 hanks) and #8 weight (3 hanks) for the embroidery and embellishment. This thread kit is available for $49.00.

The backing for this project is not included in the 1/2 yard Limited Edition bundle. We used a 17" x 17" square of Spring Green, washed, dried and felted wool backing. This backing is available for $19.20.

If you've never tried Chenille needles for wool applique, now might be a great time to do so. Our Piecemaker assortment pack sells for $4 and the extra sharp points with large eyes make working with novelty threads on wool pure joy!

Miracle Markers work beautifully for temporarily marking placement of objects on your wool background. We use them on every project. A package of three markers sells for $8.25.

Finally, we can't imagine making one our projects without Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive. We lightly spray the back of our design elements before placing them on the background for stitching. There's no smell, stickiness or messy makes our work easy peasy! It costs $19.99. (But please note, we are unable to ship Sulky KK 2000 outside of the continental US.) 




1. By ordering on-line (see below)

2. By calling the WoolyLady Studio at 715-477-0036 between 8 AM and 4 PM Central Time Monday through Thursday. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Limited Edition Fabric Collection and Free Pattern
Backing - Spring Green - 17" Square
Hand Thread Kit
Chenille Needle Assortment Pack
Miracle Markers
Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive - Only available to lower 48 US addresses


If you’d like to be on our AUTOSHIP program to automatically receive our newest Limited Edition collection and FREE PATTERN six times per year (at a reduced price), call the WoolyLady Studio at 715-477-0036 and we’ll get you started!