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Season of Loot, Gold Box and Loot Chest

Season of Loot is underway! WoolyLady is now shipping Gold Boxes to lucky shoppers. Each Gold Box will contain your retail order, PLUS a Loot Chest. 1 out of 10 qualifying orders will be selected to receive a Gold Box and Loot Chest.

You'll know you've hit the jackpot when instead of our regular Colorful Crate, you've received a Gold Box. And inside: your order, your "regular" fancy wrapping, free WoolyLady Sample Wools, PLUS a Loot Chest packed with exceptional goodies.

The spirit of the Gold Box is to get a little extra goodness into the hands of all the new stitchers (and some veteran stitchers too!) out there. We love the Tools and Notions we recommend, and know you'll enjoy them too. Every Loot Box is centered on two to three FREE Tools and/or Notions, PLUS other incredible goodies. We won't spoil the fun, and every Loot Chest will be different, just prepare to be delighted!

Gold Box Season of LootGold Box Season of Loot


Cute Cube Multicolor Wool Pack – 50 pieces of 3” x 3” Premium Hand-dyed wool, in one cute stack! Regular price $31.95
$10-$25 WoolyLady Black Card (randomly selected)
Special new White Sheep Pin attached to a WoolyLady Business Card

Extra BOOTY that varies randomly PER CHEST:
(You will receive 2-3 of these.)
Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Scissors, small size, Retail Value $21.95
Clover Chenille Gold Eye Needles size 24, 1 pack of 6 needles, Retail Value $2.00
Piecemaker’s Chenille Needles Assortment Pack Sizes 18/22, Retail Value $4.00
General’s Charcoal Pencil, Retail Value $1.95
Miracle Markers, Retail Value $8.25
WoolyLady Cedar Pack, 10 balls, Retail Value $7.95
(1) skein of Painter’s Collection Shimmer Floss, Retail Value $7.98
(2) skeins of Weeks Dye Works Pearl Cotton Size 5 threads, $7.20

General rules: One winner per address per season. Minimum order for eligibility $49.95. Value range of Gold Box PLUS Loot Chest: $55 to $105. Sorry, Orders of Gift Card/Certificate, Club Memberships and Auto-Ships are not eligible. For all retail phone, email or Web orders: every 10 orders earns a Gold Box. This is not a contest or raffle, rather it is a randomized enhancement to your standard retail store order.

WoolyLady Black is a new way to keep, gift and load funds that are usable on all our WoolyLady sites. During Pre-Order, it's a unique code pre-loaded with a dollar value.

You may use this card by entering it for payment when making a purchase. This is not a credit/debit card and has no implied warranties. Merchant is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cards or any unauthorized card use. Card is redeemable for purchases only. Unused value remains on card and cannot be redeemed for cash, except where required by law. For your protection, this card requires activation before first use. Please call our studio, or send an email to the above address. We look forward to serving you.

Christmas Candle Mat FREE directions

• Cut one 5” circle of Teal for the large center circle
• Cut two 5 ½” circles of True Black – one to go underneath the large center circle as the Background and the second one for a Backing
Blanket Stitch the 5” Teal circle to one of the 5 ½” circle True Black pieces. Add the True Black Backing circle and Blanket Stitch the edges. The size of the circle for the embroidery area on the Teal piece is a 4 ¼” circle. We used a Chevron Stitch to embellish this area and added some French/Colonial Knots.

• Cut Fifteen 7/8” circles for the pennies; five of each color, Christmas Red, Christmas Green and Gold Rush
• Cut Fifteen 1 1/8” circles from the Teal wool to go underneath the colored pennies.
• Cut Thirty 1 3/8” circles of True Black for the pennies – Fifteen for the Background under each Teal penny and fifteen for Backings on the pennies
Blanket stitch all the 7/8” colored pennies to the 1 1/8” Teal Backgrounds circles. Once they are all stitched, add a 1 3/8” True Black Background Circle and Blanket Stitch the Teal Circle to the larger True Black Circle. Add the final True Black backing circle and Blanket Stitch the edges.

Tack the pennies to the larger Center circle and to one another to form your completed Candle Mat! Pro Tip: Tack the all the pieces together with a little bit of black thread on the back side of the Candle Mat.