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Shades of Inspiration Program and Upgrades 


May Monarch is new
May Monarch is our newest custom wool bundle from our Shades of Inspiration Collection

May Monarch bring a smile to your face? We think so!

This month we're getting a jump on things, and rebuilding habitat for our insect friends. When you buy a May Monarch bundle, we'll send $5 to repair Monarch Butterfly habitat. Every seven sales rebuilds an entire acre! May Monarch is a celebration of and a preparation for the upcoming Monarch Season. These six colors are absolutely special, from a lush and tangy orange to its spectacular complement: a deep, rich midnight purple.

Our May Shades Bundle comes in two sizes

You'll have to wait until next Wednesday for our Custom Shades pattern for May Monarch. We'll have a very special May 12 Pop-Up Shop featuring a new design based on this wonderful set of hues plus a nice little bonus pack of goodness!

May Monarch's colors are spectacular

These stunning six colors are anchored by the aforementioned luscious Monarch Orange and Royallest, an uncommon dark purple. Skyward is a complex and cheery blue, Lemon Chiffon is tart and lively, Plumelo is complex grades of red grape blending to a rich plum, and Greenery has a clean, airy green with a patched, slightly-olivey overdye. This wool shines as grass and the basis for trees, or tree shadows when the appliqué represents an overhead view.

May Monarch is our newest hand-selected, hand-dyed custom collection. We call these Six Packs of wool our Shades of Inspiration Bundles. May Monarch includes six inspiring pieces of hand-dyed wool in two great sizes:

Perfect Cut: Six pieces at 6" x 16" for $54.95
X2: Six pieces at 12" x 16" for $97.95

Order an X2 May Monarch
May Monarch X2 Pack: a tall flight of fancy

X2 means upsized bundles at a discount of more than 10% off the retail price. Visit our Shades Program Page to order an X2 Pack for $97.95 You'll get the free deluxe pattern with this bundle too!

If you're an Auto-Shades Club Member, your price for this Double-Size Pack is $92.95. For every sale of this bundle we'll also send $5 to rebuild Monarch Habitat. Please send us an email to add this option to your Auto-Shades Order.


Shades of Inspiration

Monthly Shades Bundle

FREE - Every Bundle comes with a fancy ribbon, a mailable commemorative postcard and a keepsake card.
FREE - Every Bundle includes a fun, friendly pattern that incorporates your new wools, and will leave you with some after you're done.

Auto-Shades Club
$5 OFF the retail price.
Shades Bundle: $49.95, includes the ribbon, keepsake card and custom pattern, FREE.
FREE Background or Backing in either Ultra White or True Black.
Every Shades Auto-Ship gets an included FREE background or backing, depending on the project.
FREE - Every bundle comes with a keepsake card, a custom postcard that you can mail and is tied with a lovely ribbon, packaged like a gift.
FREE - Every Bundle includes a fun, friendly pattern that will leave you with plenty of wool left over.

Shipping Bonus

Auto-Ship Details

If you're participating in our Shades of Inspiration Auto-Ship Program (Auto-Shades), your Six Pack will be on its way to you very shortly. Each bundle is $54.95, but if you sign up for our monthly Auto-Ship Program, it's reduced to $49.95 plus shipping, a savings of $5 per month. Auto-Ships may be cancelled at any time.

Ordering or Adding On
You may also call or email us to place your order. If you'd like to save money every month by signing up for the Auto-Ship Program, please give us a call!



May Monarch Shades Bundle With Pattern
May Monarch Hand Thread Kit (Coming Soon)
May Monarch X2 Bundle With Pattern
May Monarch Perfect Cut Slice of Wool


Program Details And Benefits

Your Shades of Inspiration monthly bundle now includes a valuable custom pattern, absolutely free. Auto-Ship Shades subscribers will receive their discount, the custom pattern and one piece of True Black or Classic White wool for the project's Backing or Background.

Auto-Ship is a convenience feature that saves you money and time. It can be suspended whenever you like.