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Shades of Inspiration Program and Upgrades 



A Heart-Shaped Box just for you

Six lively shades full of love

February's Shades of Inspiration has us feeling all squishy inside. It's like a box of fancy chocolates, only there are no suprises on the fillings.

Our new Shades Bundle is Heart-Shaped Box, and it's every bit as sweet and luxurious as you'd want, with a bundle of 6" x 16" hand-dyed wool in SIX unique colors and mottlings you'll only get through this program. There's chocolate, there's frosting and filling, all this and more in Heart-Shaped Box!

Heart-Shaped Box comes in two sizes, with a commemorative theme tag, a custom pattern and an exclusive postcard. Our February Valentine's Mingle card is a throwback to ice cream socials or sock hops of days gone by.

A Heart-Shaped Box just for you

We love hearing about these postcards being shared with distant pals! When we created this new feature, we could only hope you'd take the time to reach out to someone via "old-fashioned" snail mail.

Heart-Shaped Box is our newest hand-selected, hand-dyed custom collection. We call these Six Packs of wool our Shades of Inspiration Bundles. Heart-Shaped Box includes six inspiring pieces of hand-dyed wool in our Perfect Cut size (6" x 16"), or X2 Size (12" x 16"). Each 6" x 16" Shades 6-Pack is $54.95 and our 12" x 16" Shades 6-Pack is $97.95.

A Heart-Shaped Box just for you

Heart-Shaped Box is a pack of brand-new colors for Feb. 2021 which includes:

  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Lemon Chill
  • Grooveberry
  • Limelous
  • Pastille Pink

These are just perfect for your vibrant Spring or Valentine's Day projects.

Super-Size Your Options With Our New X2 Size Pack

We've got upsized bundles, at a discount of more than 10 percent off the retail price. Visit our Shades Program Page to order a X2 Pack for $97.95 to receive your discount. You'll get the free deluxe pattern with this bundle too! If you're an Auto-Ship Member, your price for this Double-Size Pack is $92.95. Send us an email to add this option to your Auto-Ship Order.

A Heart-Shaped Box just for you

It's got all the sweet, silky, smooth and tasty you might expect from any and sundry box of candies at about this time of year. Our Heart-Shaped Box is low-carb fun, in an inspiring 6-Pack.

Heart-Shaped Box is our latest Shades of Inspiration Bundle that is anchored in two wonderful shades of rich cocoa goodness: dark chocolate and milk chocolate. The four other lively colors make up a parfait of vibrant hues, the kind of tasty tones you'd see inside a luxury nugget of choco-tastic candy.

We're excited for you to add these new colors to your collection. As always, we have an easy way to order, all through our Web Store.

A Heart-Shaped Box just for you

This candy sampler is sure to please

Our Heart-Shaped Box is blessed with a rich, seductive box of truffles in a heart-shaped box. But to leave it at that would be a crime against romance, because there are also lovely roses in yellow and white, and cute candy hearts with just the cutest messages.

This 13" lovely is a joy to behold, and it brightens every room. It's Heart-Shaped Box, the latest special design inspired for and by our Shades of Inspiration Collection.

Our Heart-Shaped Box Custom Shades Pattern 

Detail galore thanks to MOM

This is a modified version of our February Mat of the Month (MOM) projectHeart-Shaped Box replaces the central embroidery motif with a 3-truffle heart-shaped candy box. It incorporates all the hues of our February Shades of Inspiration for the ultimate chocolatey, colorific mashup! If you are a MOM subscriber, this kit deviates from February's mat in the wool colors, and the replacement of the central embroidery piece.

Our Heart-Shaped Box Custom Shades Pattern

From the fine cross-hatching on the candy box floor, to the sampling of embroidered truffle cups & doilies, this design packs lots of "wow" into a 13" scalloped mat. We've put a lot of love into this design, so that it can bring some into your world, whether it's through the vibrant colors of our February Shades bundle, or the hand-made messages in thread.

Our Heart-Shaped Box Hand Thread Kit

You won't go wrong with this deluxe thread kit

If you want the very best from our Heart-Shaped Box, you'll want to consider our deluxe Hand Thread Kit. It's a study in high-quality Pearl Cotton, with just a dash of Shimmer Floss. At $37.95 this 9-piece hand thread kit is an excellent finish to this amazing project.

Our Heart-Shaped Box Custom Shades Pattern

Send love any time of the year

Sometimes there's no room or time for a birthday cake, and you still want that center pop with all the right sort of feelings? Get ready to gather with gifts and presents whenever this sweet 13" mat is out.

Our Heart-Shaped Box Custom Shades Pattern

Our Pop-Up Shop brings new and unique items to life, every week of the year, Wednesdays at 9 a.m. Eastern, 7 a.m. Mountain. Click HERE to visit our Pop-Up Shop and add us to your bookmarks.


Cute Coasters is a neat way to use your Shades Bundle. Order a Heart-Shaped Box bundle and get Cute Coasters for only $1.95 more! Hurry, this offer is limited in time and quantity. 

Cute Coasters with Heart-Shaped Box colors

Pair Cute Coasters with a Heart-Shaped Box 6-piece bundle for ultimate cuteness. The four coasters above were assembled with our February Shades Six-Pack, Heart-Shaped Box.

Cute Coasters simplified mini-pattern is available now, just below. It's now $3.00 off with the purchase of every Heart-Shaped Box bundle.



Shades of Inspiration

Monthly Shades Bundle

FREE - Every Bundle comes with a fancy ribbon and a keepsake card.
FREE - Every Bundle includes a fun, friendly pattern that will leave you with plenty of wool left over.
Shades Auto-Ship Members

$5 OFF the retail price of $54.95.
Shades Bundle: $49.95, includes the ribbon, keepsake card and custom pattern, FREE.
FREE Background or Backing in either Ultra White or True Black.
Every Shades Auto-Ship gets an included FREE background or backing, depending on the project.


Auto-Ship Details

If you're participating in our Shades of Inspiration Auto-Ship Program, your Six Pack will be on its way to you very shortly.

Each bundle is $54.95, but if you sign up for our monthly Auto-Ship Program, it's reduced to $49.95 plus shipping, a savings of $5 per month. Auto-Ships may be cancelled at any time.

Ordering or Adding On

You may also call or email us to place your order. If you'd like to save money every month by signing up for the Auto-Ship Program, please give us a call!



Heart-Shaped Box Shades Bundle With Pattern
Heart-Shaped Box Hand Thread Kit
Heart-Shaped Box X2 Bundle With Pattern
Cute Coasters Simplified Pattern w/ included shipping. $1.95 with order of Heart-Shaped Box. 


Program Details And Benefits

Your Shades of Inspiration monthly bundle now includes a valuable custom pattern, absolutely free. Auto-Ship Shades subscribers will receive their discount, the custom pattern and one piece of True Black or Classic White wool for the project's Backing or Background.

Auto-Ship is a convenience feature that saves you money and time. It can be suspended whenever you like.