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Bitterroot Candle Mat Kit

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Bitterroot Candle Mat Wool Kit with included pattern
Bitterroot Candle Mat - Hand Thread Kit
(see photo below)
Bitterroot - Pattern Only
Beginner difficulty, glorious results. Bitterroot Candle Mat is appliqué you'll enjoy, and enjoy having around for years to come.

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Bitterroot Candle Mat Kit

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Bitterroot Candle Mat Kit is a truly delicious assortment of citrusy yellows, lively oranges, melony pinks, shining salmon and guava-like coral -- all on a Great Guacamole Background, yum! Finish this 15.5" beauty off with the INCLUDED True Black Backing and you've created a stunning and joyous Candle Mat you'll enjoy season after season.

In all, you receive six WoolyLady Premium Hand-Dyed Wools plus True Black, PLUS a beginner-friendly Pattern, with traceable Pattern Pieces, full-color illustrations and pictures, a Stitch Guide AND a full-size Layout Guide. The hand-cut wools ship in a keepable boutique box with a clear gel top, plus a fancy ribbon, and a WoolyLady Cedar Flower in a Super-Cute Colorful Crate. You'll know it's from WoolyLady when you receive your shipping that day!